Pure old school fun

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
this game i got to say is one of the best rail shooters around but the rail shooting series should die already. This does not bring much new to the rail shootin series because its the same thing like any other rail shooter just some more needed "attachments". I got to say that the graphics are outstanding on the wii's standards. The voice actting can get you excited and eager to just play them, especially Wekers voice. Some old shcool voice acting comes in. The weapons are various but hard to come by. It sometimes seems that you waste more ammo on breaking the chairs desks etc to find more weapons, but you can still get through the game with just your hand gun but sooner or later you half to get a gun.

Do not read this paragraph if you DID NOT FINISH THE GAME! There are some misssions that require you to recieve a weapon such as in Racccons Destruction you are required to get the mrl and defeat nemisis.

There are some things that drag the game along such as incredibly hard bosses that you wish you can kill already such as yawn, a mutated snake that has to be killed by shootin it in the mouth. Some enemies can get aggressive to a point where they can kill you even when you are shootin them in the face. Some enemies can kill you even if you got a rocket launcher. Also the weapons have unrealistic damage such as the machine gun can hold over a hundred bullets a clip but can only kill about 7 zombies. Even with all these downfalls this is one of the best games to buy for the wii. ONE LAST THING. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME WII OWNER OR YOU WILL GET BADLY PISSED OFF! I give this game an Igissx approved 10. Plz read my other resident evil reviews