not your usual resident evil but like all it's great!

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles WII
if you are new to the resident evil series like i was and looking to see what the big deal is. buy this game! i always wanted to get the resident evil games but was afraid i wouldn't be able to understand. this game filled me in on everything: from wesker's betrayal, background stories on characters, new characters and just like all other RE fans im goin "where is this character in the other games?", and even the names of the infected people you fight off. the game is good but nothing really jumps out at you as "this is differint than the others" it's jus good ol' shoot em up RE fun, which i good. the boss fights are challenging and very fun to play. two-player is good in this game as well but it may make it a little to easy. this is a first person shooter as in you move a cursor across the screen to aim and this game does a decent job of taking advantage of motion controls. the graphics seeing as how it's a Wii game are very good also. like most RE games it's not really scarry but then again i'm not sure it's supposed to be. it focuses more on just surviving rather than killing scenes which i admire. overall this is a must have Wii title and a good addition to the already great Residen Evil series so go pick it up.