Ok , I admit, this game is bad, but.... it's not that bad...i think it's far too underappreciated.

User Rating: 7 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Ok, I admit, this game is bad, but I personally think it isn't as bad as everyone think it is. I not only say this as a Resident evil fan-boy but as a gamer. First things first, the story, it is far better than the frist Resident Evil movie, mostly because it takes place in the RE story world, and not it's own little, more made up, world. next is the voice acting, hmmm, horrible isn't quite the word for it, making me wonder what schmoe did they pick up to do the voices in Japan, because they are un professional-like. Next, the graphics, the game looks like they took RE2's graphics, and used them in a full 3-d engine, which in my opinion is nice, but is alittle shifty. Now gameplay, other being first person, it's the same old RE controls that i love, but the perspective made me want to strafe at alot of points. That brings me to another point, the game is real easy to master, if you find all the glitches, for example, the fact that monsters can't hit you from behind. I know the U.S. version took out the light gun capability, which is why they have infinite hand gun ammo, but they should've at least made all the hand guns a bit weeker in the U.S. version to make it a bit more challenging. Now, about no saving, it don't bother me one bit, because i'm used to going through survival horror games without saving now. Other than the 4 different hand guns there really is no inovation in the weapons, though there isn't nothing wrong with that. the game is labeled a bad game by many gamers, not me, because i think it's not that bad, but i do think it's far too underappreciated. Despite bad reviews and bad things anyone said about it, this game should be in your collection if you are an RE fan like me, if not try it out. If you try, from the second you start, one hour (or less) later, you would have beaten it. And if you wanna play a good RE game for Playstation, then might i suggest RE 1, 2, or 3.