F###### bad

User Rating: 2 | BioHazard: Gun Survivor (CapKore) PS
Resident Evil Survivor is the first Resident Evil game that´s in first person people talked about this game for a long time so is this game really worth the hype? The story is taken place 2 months after Raccoon City another town has been destroyed by the T-Virus Senna Island(or what people call is the second Raccoon City). You play as Vincent he has lost his memory in a helicopter crash therefore he can´t remember that the town has been infected by the T-Virus. The gameplay is in first-person as told and it´s bad the controls is like in the other RE games so it´s not really a problem but if your playing with a G-Gun pistol you´ll have a hard time cause you walk and shoot on the trigger but this problem in solved if your playing with a G-Gun 2 pistol. The game enters the doors and uses items by itself it´s good and saves time for going into the item menu and select the item really good. The graphics are not good it´s not like the other RE games the background is not pre-rented so your not gonna find any blood or bodies on the floor also the cutsences are not good when characters run or do something in it the run like the just broke an leg. The game is short it wil at least take you about an hour to complete and you can´t save your game so it can feel like an long game. So all in all Resident Evil Survivor is not good it´s finished quick and the story is bad the Resident Evil universe could live with out it so don´t buy it avoid it it´s a waste a time and money.