Definitely lives up to the hype of being a good game, and hey, its scary too!

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS

Lately it has seemed like a game actually tugging at your fears like the original Resident Evil was lost in the past along with a couple remakes here and there. Resident Evil: Revelations aims to bring that fear we miss and it scores a headshot no less. This game is a good reminder that resident evil can still be scary and filled with heart pumping action at the same time and make an awesome game. The mains story goes back and forth between action and survival horror.

While this game is packed with content lets get to the presentation and performance first. The game looks absolutely spectacular and has a pretty good frame rate, this game is definitely pushing the limits of what the 3Ds' capabilities. Bosses and enemies look delightfully grotesque and detailed and are just a joy to fight. Locations in the game are separated by chunk I guess I could say. Every now and then in gameplay you will need to go through a door or elevator and instead of throwing you with a loading screen the game sort of slows down to load the next area but these waits are short and few in between.

The controls are very tight and responsive without the CCP, I would imagine they would be better with it though. I am okay with the original controls so I would not say the CCP is necessary to play the game, its just fine without it. Raid mode is much more than just a side mini game, it is within it self a sizable portion of the game and as of the time I am writing this I have spent about 19 hours on raid mode alone. There are unlockable characters you can get by doing missions (which are sort of like achievements or trophies) and you can get more missions through streetpass. Capcom definitely delivered and lived up to the hype that this game. There are a few things I am disappointed about but they have some spoilers os I've saved it for the end. If you choose to wait then by all means stop reading now.

Early when this game was announced HUNK (a character in the resident evil series) was seen in a trailer. He is not in the game has been scrapped (unless they plan to extend the game through DLC). Rachel (the girl with the big assets) is not playable, although they clearly had a model of the character ready but just decided not to use it. That and the scene that was shown in her trailer was cut from the game as well as it is present no where. Hopefully DLC will include new characters and filling the gap, including HUNK and Rachel.