Resident Evil Revelations Goes Back To Horror ! Quite Possibly The Best Game On The 3DS So Far.

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS
This would be my first review so please forgive me if i leave out anything important.

I bought this game about 3 days ago and have already beaten it.
I have to say i was quite surprised with how good this game actually is.
I had no idea graphics on the 3DS could look this good!
This game is suppose to take place around the same time as the events of the animated movie Resident Evil degeneration.
You spend the whole game on a long abandoned luxury cruise ship called the Queen Zenobia.
I don't want to give away too much information about the plot because it is very well written and quite fun to watch everything unfold.
There are many new characters in this game. Only Three characters from previous games are in this game.
You play as Jill Valentine in the beginning and switch between Jill, Chris, & Quint throughout the game as they continue to help in their own way.
A lot of people complain about the voice acting of both characters Quint Cetcham & Keith Lumley, I found them to be tolerable though, Not exactly game breaking.

As for the game play you have three different control schemes to choose from.
One of them supports the Circle Pad Pro ( i think it is a waste of $20 you do not need it to play this game IMO)
There is an awesome little gadget you can use to scan your surroundings to find Ammo or herbs.
It is called the Genesis and i found it to be quite useful when i was in a pinch.
You can upgrade your weapons as well by finding custom parts. (either by scanning with Genesis or just find them laying about)
When you beat the campaign you have the option to start a New Game+
which is just like starting a new game with the exception that all of your weapons & ammo carry over to your new game.
There are many different kinds of "Missions'" in the game that you can accomplish.
Which are goals that you can accomplish to earn ammo, A new weapon, Or even unlock new characters.
You can get new missions by completing a few or by playing with someone online in Raid mode.

Raid mode is an online mode where you go around on 20 different stages (plus one bonus stage) Killing every thing in sight and proceed to your goal.
Sounds too simple you say? Ha guess again! There are many locked doors to which you can only unlock by killing a specified amount of BOWs in the area.
So you can't just run to the goal like a mad man
This mode is a bit like Mercenaries mode from previous Resident Evil games with the exception no time bonuses, You have to make it to your goal to win,
And perhaps the biggest difference of all you can collect weapons and upgrade them the same way you can in the single play mode.
You Level up as well in Raid mode. When you level up you can purchase a bunch of helpful things from the shop with the BP you earned in completing stages.
These helpful things vary from Weapons, refilling ammo, Custom Parts, & Even increasing the max amount of herbs you can carry !
There are three difficulties in Raid mode Chasm (easy), Trench (Normal), & Abyss (hard).
The higher the difficulty the more health and strength your enemies have.
If you manage to S rank all the stages of a certain difficulty you unlock what is called an "Honor Color" & what that does is it changes the color of your username.

In closing i LOVE this game very much.
As i said before i was REALLY surprised with how much i ended up enjoying this game.
This game is not an action game is Classic Resident Evil Horror again
Well i hope many of you find this review helpful.
It took quite a while to type it all lol
If you have any further questions feel free to send me a PM and i will do my best to answer them ^_^