Resident Evil: Revelations

User Rating: 9 | Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS
Many fans including myself have been waiting for RE: Revelations for a long time now and it was all worth the wait.

You play as the iconic main character Jill Valentine, at times you'll swap with other characters to see whats happening during that time but mainly you'll only be able to set up and upgrade your weapons with Jill.
(AI partners won't help you out that much)

Gameplay is very similar to RE4 & 5, just with more improvements. You can finally shoot or attack while moving around which is great, it's about time they did something about it.
Melee attacks are little, honestly each character has one melee attack which is alright. It's a great thing that they kept the melee going.
Like RE3, in Revelations you can dodge attacks which will become very useful if you learn how to use it. Might be annoying at first but you should learn it no problem. All you really have to do it quick-tap the little analog stick in time and there you go.

You can carry 3 weapons at a time, knife is always with you, herbs have their space. You shouldn't get lost a lot but if you do the map was a great help.
You also have the old item box were you can change and upgrade weapons.

Note: I played Revelations without the Dual Circle Pad and I can tell you it plays perfectly well without it, I had no problem at all, many other reviews I read cleared out that it's not necessary.

Long time Resident Evil fans should enjoy it's soundtrack as it's similar to the classic feeling. Some soundtracks sound beautiful and you'll surely enjoy it. Although sometimes there are sometimes upbeat music when playing as Keith and Quint which doesn't make much sense, it's all made very well.

After beating the game you'll probably unlock Hell mode, which is a very difficult mode to play in story mode. You'll keep all the weapons on New Game +. Story mode is fun so you'll probebly want to replay it.

You'll also unlock Raid Mode, you can play on your own, local or online. You'll have to get from point A to B, it's a lot of fun especially when playing it with someone else. Raid mode get's harder and harder, you'll also unlock harder difficulties and a lot of weapons and upgrading.
Funny enough... Raide Mode put's RE: Mercenaries 3D (another 3DS title) to shame, and also it's personally better.

Besides them, you have missions to complete for both the Main story and Raid mode which unlocks weapons, costumes, outfits etc...


Resident Evil: Revelations is perfect for RE fans. A must have for whoever owns a 3DS. It offers so much, that I really hope it will someday manage to get imported to PS3-360, it deserves a lot of attention

Something I forgot to mention, the graphics are absolutely amazing.