If it was not so short, it would have been great....

User Rating: 8 | Resident Evil: Revelations PC
I played and loved almost all Resident Evil games. I loved them all. This one seems to be different and the premise it starts from is interesting. The main interesting fact is that you can play different characters and different episodes. The storyline is more elaborate than the other games, but the execution is poor. The main drawback is its shortness. You can finish this game in approximately eight or nine hours. There is no real challenge. The enemies are too easily put to the ground and there's plenty of ammo to feel stressed in any way. If you die, you can easily pass the obsctacle next time. I won't spoil the story because this is the most interesting fact of the game. You can customise or upgrade your guns, but this is not interesting at all. There are some bosses, and except the last one, all proved to be piece of cake. The puzzles are not hard at all. If you like the franchise, give it a go.