Why so many Resident Evil games lately?

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its been like 3 the last 12 months? wth is going on

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no for me thank god they heard the gamers screaming about resident evil 6 vs 4 and we all know the best one...so they are trying to fix it
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Well that would be mighty swell of them!! RE6 Was a total POS! How they can come from a great game like RE5 and turn out RE6 is simply amazing! And they better fix that Quarter Screen SPLIT SCREEN BS they threw at us in RE6. I refuse to buy the game unless they use a full 1/2 screen for split screen. In fact I wont even play it unless split screen is fixed! I was never so happy about renting a game before buying than I was with RE6.
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This was a 3DS game originally, and Operation Raccoon City was made by a different developer (Slant Six) and just published by Capcom. Just the way things ended up working out I suppose.
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i imagine this one was kicking around for quite a while since it bridges RE4 & 5