where's my Rachel?

#1 Posted by nardhardy (770 posts) -

Pretty sure i put my ooze rachel code in,but when in raid mode she's not there to select =( do you have to unlock her still throughout raid or something?

#2 Posted by dragon_king64 (670 posts) -

Same here

#4 Posted by blueviper88 (167 posts) -

She won't be available until a later date, June 11 I heard.

#5 Posted by jamesc773 (3 posts) -

If you have the code, download the free catalog to use Rachel, from the PS store.

#6 Posted by blueviper88 (167 posts) -

You can download the code now but you can't play as her until Tuesday.

#7 Posted by nardhardy (770 posts) -

thanks guys