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Is it just me, or is this game hard as nails? The AI partners are useless, as they rarely shoot on target and they don't ever revive you even if they are near your body. The part with the Lickers was so unrelenting, as I didn't even really have enough time to come up with a plan of action. It is very uncharacteristic of the other RE games because there are no real puzzles, just key cards to be found and the action is what makes it good, I'll agree. There is too much emphasis on shooting, though, and old school RE fans wouldn't have minded seeing some puzzles in it. 

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I died once there because I wasn't expecting the relentless assault, but just keep moving like they inteded and it's fine. I had low expectations going in and I'm surprised, it's a lot of fun, especially spending exp upgrading abilities and unlocking new guns.

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I thought the game was decent after renting it. I liked the more realistic weapon layout and defining class abilities. Having a squad going in feels appropriate for the situation. There are AI issues though, and repetitive zombie models. The ending scenarios should hava had more thought put into them. Despite the flaws, I had fun in the dark city, where zombies and soldiers created a chaotic environment. Actually had more fun here than with the RE6 demo, and I wasn't expecting that.