New DLC over the course of several weeks? Is this meant to curb rentals?

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Now people who want to enjoy this DLC must either rent the game multiple times, or purchase it. Since local rental stores (esp. Blockbuster) are going out of business, Redbox and other kiosks are the only thing most people have access to, but Redbox has a tendency to cycle out old games quick, so I doubt RE:ORC will still be available for rental in ~3 weeks.

I'm beginning to think Capcom knew this game had "rental" status written all over it, so they planned DLC in advance. Knowing the DLC "Street Fighter x Tekken" controversy, it's not unrealistic to think they had this content made well in advance at the Capcom offices, but that's for another topic.

I'm personally going to wait until all the DLC comes out, then buy the game used for ~$20. I figure the DLC will total at least $10, so I need to buy this as cheap as possible.

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Now people who want to enjoy this DLC must either rent the game multiple times, or purchase it.



You don't say? That's kind of how it works with..... Everything?

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*facepalm* dlc has been like this since it first started out... i wonder what people are gonna make up next

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yea this is getting ridiculous. when i pre-ordered RE5 i got home and already waiting for me was versus mode for 400MSP. i just gave capcom $60 but they felt they needed 5 more to let me play versus. it was also a super small download which lets you know it is only a key(unlocking materiel already in the game) not a true DLC, they did it with MVC3 with jill and the other one. the harsh truth of the situation is that they made these HUGE franchises off of great games in the past, now they have everyone loyal to these franchises and they look at it like why work harder than they have to. sure they could have made UMVC3 with 100 characters everyone that everyone wanted, but they still only get 60 for the game. Capcom feels we are gonna buy it anyway so do just enough to put it on the shelf. sad thing is they are right....... for now. as time goes by Capcom losses more and more credibility. as far as this new DLC this is the worst i am suppose to be happy because i got a free teaser, but had to pay for Nemesis mode. i literally just played mission one and i have MS points why can't i buy the whole campaign. this game has gotten very bad reviews. i actually like the game even though there is no doubt that it could be better. i enjoyed the filling in of points from RE 1,2,&3. that's just me cause I've played every RE game. so to answer your question it makes sense i can't see any reason to periodically put missions out other than to prevent people from trading their game in and let the used purchase cycle begin. they are hoping that even though the game was put together sloppy the RE fans will want to play these missions before they trade it in. me personally i rarely trade in games because of the raping involved with it. i am disappointed i bought this game early for 60 because it is very safe to say within one month this game will all over the place 20 - 30 used
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i paid full price for game. so i don't mind paying extra for some more story mode dlc.

cod just comes out with new maps, which doesn't help improve gameplay. they can at least add in new killstreaks, guns, perks, costumes etc, but they don't. i still pay for the maps cuz i play the game everyday with my brothers and friends.

same with re orc, every game has us customers paying extra even if it should've been included in the game already. best way for em to make more money.

people already hates on this game, who knows, with more budget they can make the game like gow graphics, gameplay etc.

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this content should have already been on the disc and unlocked after you beat the uss missions.

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I paid full price and will probably pay full price for the £7.99 DLC.

Still like this game and will support the franchise.

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yea they really killed RE for me with this game.  Big heads up if you would have bought this game used you would have saved enough money to buy DLC and still spend less than 60.  so RE6 comes out october ill see it december or january and miss the sucker stage.  unfortunintly i was scamed on REORC but you live and you learn.

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gamefly has it for sell for under $10 right now
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personnaly why done they bring out games with all the dlc in one package in release date ?? two versions on standard one with complete extras one cheaper than the other of coarse