keygen or offline?

#1 Posted by elintegras (25 posts) -
hi,as you know to make a save profile you must make a live account,so i did but it asks me the product key and i cant find it anywhere,so i thought if i can make an offline profile,does anyone know how to do this?
#2 Posted by pimpofdoom (999 posts) -

Did you get it on Steam? If so just go to your Steam library look up Operation Raccoon City, right click and view CD key.

#3 Posted by elintegras (25 posts) -
no,i just downloaded,do you know how mush it costs on steam?
#4 Posted by pimpofdoom (999 posts) -

50 bucks US.

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well if you think that this code costs 50 bucks just for make a safe profile i dont think that it worth,so other way is to make a offline profile,do you know how?