Can't believe they have gone this far downhill since the outstanding RE4. RE6 is just a big mess from top to bottom.

User Rating: 5 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
If you think back to Resident Evil 4 in 2005 it was a masterpiece praised for it's amazing gameplay and over the shoulder view and reinventing the franchise. It still had alot of jaw dropping moments something that 5 didn't have and number 6 just doesn't feel like Resident Evil at all it just trys to be something it's not.


Well that's a question mark in itself it seems like so many stories are taking place at once and to be honest it's really hard to understand because of so many cut scenes.


There are 4 campaigns all about 10 hours at most each and that's a total of 40 hours. Leon Kennedy more of the traditional old RE style gameplay which is good until you get to doing certain actions it just stops the flow.

You have Chris Redfield and his gameplay mostly resembles the same as RE5 which many people weren't happy with because it felt to action focused it feels like your not playing RE at all it feels like your playing COD.

There's Jakes which is sort of a mix of both campaigns so it's not so bad but it's not that good either because there is alot of running in his section and finally there's Ada where hers can be unlocked by beating all 3 campaigns and hers is a solo game.

The gameplay still has the over the shoulder view like it's predesscors and the inventory is a bit limited because sometimes you have to drop things for more powerful ammo or healing items. The combat feels a bit overpowered and makes killing most enemies pointless without wasting ammo.

Also this game seems to have so many button prompts it feels like Heavy Rain at times which it shouldn't be and also some sections things come at you like trucks and trains that you can't even duck or jump out of the way unlike Resident Evil 4 which did. I won't say the game isn't playable because at least you can play it but I don't want to be driving things and dodging every 5 minutes.

Also the CPU controlled AI doesn't have to worry about ammo or health since they seem invincible and is best played with another person online or locally.


There are alot of cut scenes it seems to happen alot with loads of long ones as well which can last up to about 5 minutes but the looks on the characters don't look bad at all and some of the cut scenes are pretty cool but it is just so annoying having to listen one every 5 minutes or so.


It's a big game 40 hours if you play all the campaigns and a few extra hours for playing Mercenaries and Agent Hunter which let's you hunt down the hero as the bad guy.

Overall Opinion

Resident Evil 6 is just a mess really it's like it doesn't know what it wants to be the button prompts every 5 or so minutes and the cut scenes keep interrupting the pacing of the game. It's like every section virtually has a cut scene or a button prompt. It is just a bad game with alot of problems and even fans of the series should think twice before owning this game.

Overall Score 5.0