A real letdown

User Rating: 5 | Resident Evil 6 PS3
The Gamespot review is spot on. Refreshing honesty and hopefull it offers a deterent to some long term fans of the series before they part with their hard earned cash. Thankfully I rented it out first. So far I`ve found this game to be boring, predictable and a step backwards from the earlier RE games. The drawn out "supposed to be thrilling" cutscenes, walk slow bits, push buttons on time bits, stale action. It all just lacks any flow. Even the graphics feel a bit dated- detailed in places but maybe I just expected abit more of a leap forward. A shame because the big city setting offered so much potential. Where has the gameplay gone?? Amazed by some of the backlash to the Gamespot review- all I can say is that these people either haven`t played it yet or are just trying to convince themselves that they haven`t wasted £35 on a lemon.