What did they do to Ada??? (Spoilers)

#1 Posted by SonyNintendoFan (527 posts) -

She looks younger and more americanized. Shes suppost to be older and more japanese looking.

#2 Posted by fasteddy_1 (18 posts) -

Ada is American of Chinese decent. the actress playing Ada in the newest Resident Evil movie is Japanese.

#3 Posted by SKBSY8 (121 posts) -

@fasteddy_1, correction the actress who play as Ada in the new resident evil movie is actually Chinese.

#4 Posted by SKBSY8 (121 posts) -

Yes, i also realize that she look younger in RE6 ! Thats just dont add up, I guess too many Botox ! :)

#5 Posted by WeskerTeam (1727 posts) -

Yeah I don't like her new look or the new voice actress. Ada just completely sucked in this game.

Side boobage was pretty awesome though. Am I right? 

#6 Posted by sblazed (373 posts) -

she look like an evil **** now  but the movie actress is hot