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Happened to Ashley at the end of re 4? I know that re6 takes place in China and the USA where,







The president was zombiefyed, and he died...thinking that it is the same president from re4's timeline, where did Ashley go?


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It couldn't possibly be the same President.

In this game, it's President Benford, not President Graham. Graham's term would have been way over, even if he was elected twice.

But yeah. No clue what happened to Ashley or a few other characters in RE. Rebecca, Barry, Billy, Nicholai, Carlos, HUNK...they're all unaccounted for as well.

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true haha :)

I hope they show the older characters that you mentioned in a new re just like they did with sherry, that'll be cool.

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Mhm! Looking forward to that. :)

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I personally don't like how every new game feels like it takes place in a new universe, one devoid of past events. Hell, they could've at least referenced the previous president with a single line of dialouge. Leon is out of character in the beginning, and Chris has a whole new backstory. They might as well as come up with whole new characters in my opinion. The originals could still be apart of the story, and even maybe unlockable, but Capcom shouldn't keep dragging them back as protagonists for every new game. Leon makes sense, he's helping the president fight bioterrorism, so interacting with him as Helena Harper would've been better. Chris though? He killed Wesker once and for all; he doesn't need to have anymore personal stakes (his backstory in 6 just feels forced to me).