Skill system or Weapon upgrade system?

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which do you prefer?

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obviously the weapon upgrade system.

no offense to anyone who is a "multiplayer whore" but this game felt so much like COD or some gears of war multiplayer team crap.


like before starting a game you equip skills/perks, have titles dog tags etc. the whole game just felt like i was playing COD. now to the multiplayer whores this is awesome but to some one like me who prefers TPS to FPS online games, RE6 was meh.


having a weapon vendor or an upgrade system would have been much better and would have made me more immersed into the game atmosphere instead it all felt like a mission/map TDM based system.

some skills are also absolutely god awful. the skill system is a shortcut in development as i assume the weapon upgrade system would have been a "pain" for the devs to add as it would involve each specific weapon having levels and upgrade levels but considering the game has few weapons most being absolutely lame and plain i dont understand the choice of skills.



either ways this game has many things that leave you scratching your head and not in a go0od way.



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Bring back the merchant! i don't mind having skills aswell but it should be restricted to little perks. I think there should be individual upgrades instead of just a firepower skill and character health shouldnt be a skill either. Plus the skills were expensive so you can't buy them that often so it didnt feel like you were getting gradually stronger rather you got a hell of alot stronger every now and then.
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I like the idea of having both. Skill perks for non-weapon related stuff and weapon related upgrades. Also bring back the briefcase invetory system!!