Rope Burn

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OK, I suspect I'm missing something relatively obvious, but I'm towards the end of the final chapter (5) of Leon's campaign. The elevator has been destroyed & I'm supposed to climb the elevator cable to the roof, hand over hand by pulling the left & right triggers. I get off 5 trigger pulls & grunt & slip, over & over & over & over... What am I missing? Is it a timing thing? Please help!

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OK, nevermind, pushed up on left stick and held each trigger before pulling nest one. Thought I had tried that before, apparently not (or not well.)

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OMG! Thanks man. I thought it was a glicth. I have been screaming "WTF" for 3 days now and was going to send it back to gamefly i was so mad. lol Thanks.

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yeah the rope and hand over hand parts are some of the most annoying parts of this game... they just straight up frusterate