Buyable costumes already in the game?

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 Sorry, I cant for the life of me figure out how to post this on

I have enough points on the site to buy (what I thought were) exclusive costumes from the site. but now and I was playing mercenaries (pre order catacomb map) and got over 100,000 points with leon and unlocked the pirate costume leon for use in mercanaries (one of the costumes from site).

So my qeustions are. Did I get the costume because I scored high on a preorder map? Are the costumes on already in the game but it unlocks them for you easier than having to score that high? Are the ones on the site unlockable for story? Should I save up my site points for when "real" exclusive costumes come out?

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The costumes on are, unfortunately, color swaps of the ones you can unlock.

Don't bother spending your points on'em.