New Gameplay Footage (Jake/Chris/Leon)

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Jake Gameplay

Leon Gameplay (NEW)

Chris Gameplay

Hopefully it will be as good as RE4

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The only gameplay scenario I care about is leons<3 the hell with chris and this new guy in fact chris is the stupidist character in all of residnet evil im glad leons gonna be the main focus this time and leosn chapter looks way more cooler than the stupid lame chris -__- leon rules ^_^ leons just as badass as raiden from mgs chris is old ugly and has a stupid man face ape like snake does so thats why I RELATE more to leon :))

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leons chapyer looks liek it will be waayy cooller im looking foward to leons <3 screw chris and the new guy in FACT chirs looks the worst im glad leons the main focus this time an chris will be getting beat up by leon FINALLY leons badass like raiden from mgs an chris is an ugly old ape like snake thats why i relate to leon more hes better looking than chris thsat ugly old man and chris has stupid muslces RAIDNE AN LEON dont need msucles their fast as *elllll