Leons comic con demo. Conserving ammo.

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If you guys havent seen the comic con demos check them out. But to all the oldschool fans check out leons demo. This is as close as were ever going to get to old RE and im fine with that. Im hyped for this game but I dont have any high hopes for this supposed return to survival horror their talking about until now. 


 Atmosphere, Zombies, low on amo. Call me crazy but that sounds like resident evil to me. Yes I realize the whole game is diffrent now, but on paper its pretty much RE. Im not getting my hopes up for puzzles but it would be a dream come true (and my god dont talk about fixed camera angles... a typewriter ill admit would be cool for a higher difficulty)


 If you still think the series has gone down the toilet, no more horror... Then I dont know what to tell you, this demo got me really excited. I love old RE to but cmon people, have realistic expectations.