Is that BSAA Agent Mercs character a hoax? >__>

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I've unlocked every character and gives?

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I think it's either DLC that is locked on the disk or an unlock that isn't available just yet. I noticed that on there is a few spaces empty under the unlockable costumes section with the last costume currently being Sherry's. 

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Well, for me, Ada is. But yeah. I hope he's able to be obtained from spending points there.

And I hope he's renamed to HUNK since he looks like he's in all black anyway. :P

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i swear i saw him one of the first times i played mercenary mode i got matched with this guy who seemed to have ever costume unlocked and S rank on all of them he just kept filliping through showing them off and one of the ones he kept stopping at was this BSAA guy and i had kinda remembered reading something about unlocking him so the guy picked pirate Leon and we played a game then i left but now I want to know where he's from lol i'm guessing you need the costumes too.

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That sucks if you do. :(

I don't even know how to consistently get RE points.