Is it just me, or is Leon's campaign the weakest of the three?

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I've been a fan since the series' debut (favorites being RE2 and later the remake of RE1). I've loved pretty much every game in the core series (Yes, even 4 and 5. This one I'm loving, too).

There's just one thing that's bothering me.

Leon's campaign seems to be the weak link out of the three (main campaigns, not including Ada) we can play.

The first two chapters are great...and then it just goes completely downhill, both gameplay and storywise. The biggest problem I had was fighting the same final boss about a million times. In other games, you might fight the final boss of the game in sporadic encounters throughout the game (See Nemesis and Birkin). In this campaign, it's pretty much one right after the other without really giving you any breathing room.

And I do like the slower pace of Leon's campaign, but it becomes a huge annoyance when the game FORCES you to walk. That gives it a forced slower pace.

As for the story, Leon's campagin is the only one that doesn't start with a coherant introduction into what has happened. Chris' starts off with him in the bar with hints to what happened. Jake's with him getting the injection and showing how him and Sherry meet. Leon? You're thrown right into the middle of shooting the zombie President in the head. No prior interaction between Leon and Helena (how they met, how they got there, where they were when the outbreak hit, etc.). No idea how what happened happened. It just kind of starts, and the only inkling of flashback you get is of Helena and her sister.

I had the most fun with Chris' and Jake's campaign. Leon's just felt...weak to me.

EDIT: Chris and Jake's campaign are NOT without their problems (mostly all the gun wielding enemies that bothers me), but their campaigns seem much more fleshed out.

Does anyone else agree, or am I going crazy?

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Idk, I think one of the problems was that later on in the game, they assumed you knew what to do. Like when you're on that train, and you're fighting that last form of simmons for chapter 4. AFter he chases you, he jumps in the train, there's a qte, then he tries to ram into the train. I kinda assumed you had to run to the end of the train and jump off, I didn't know you had to shoot him before he hit the train, Story wise I thought it was good, I guess it was kind of a predictable ending at the end, but that's how resi normally is. That boss did drag on for a long time, but they were seperated in chapters 4 and 5. He did get boring towards the end, and i guess they could of made him shorter. Also in 2 you thought birkins a lot, however, both claire and leon fought him respectively, so it didn't feel as dragged out as it was. Guess they thought Leon could get away with it.

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I didn't say Birkin was "a lot," I said you would fight him sporadically throughout the game.

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my bad man, but for simmons i guess Capcom figured it would work.