Hope for great game like R.E.4 and new changes

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hi my name is Sam im from south and i playing demo of R.E.6

but unfortunately is not what i expected for years after resident evil 4 because

i loved Leon cause he was work alone and no one was bothering u its like monkey on your back all the

time come on guys best thing about resident evil it is u have to be just by your self to terrified its not

kindergartener to have play little friend beside u at least if gamer could chose to be alone its make it alot

better .

and 2nd : when u point your gun half of u r screen get fill with players buddy its to big and whats with

the display its to big too display of ammo and stuff

3rd : getting cover its to hard and confusing its has to be a simple buttom like A ( green ) to set down

and when u hold the LT it has to be come out and shot and set down when u let LT go and come out

with another pressing A ( green )

its about to enjoy in terrified way is in it ?

i hope changes guys
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True, horrible game overall, a frustrating experience, more so that it comes from my fav series, this not at all like 4, it is different to the 4, as much 4 was from 3 I didnt like the turn the series took back then, but it was tolerable, i was glad that the series survived after the creator left the company and it was still a AAA game, however this is not the case anymore, this game feels so cheap and swallow...