David Blaine to play Resident Evil 6 from beginning to end

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David Blaine to play Resident Evil 6 from beginning to end

"Magician David Blaine has shocked fans after announcing his most grueling stunt yet to play and complete Resident Evil 6.

The 39-year-old illusionist, famous for his incredible feats of human endurance, has revealed that he will attempt to finish every one of the games woeful campaigns, including Chris Redfields extraordinarily **** one, without skipping so much as a single idiotic cut-scene."

To be fair, I started playing this last night at a friends and it didn't seem overly bad. Leon's campaign actually seemed to be quite fun, although I've heard a lot of bad things about Chris' one. 

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Blaine, who will be strapped to an uncomfy wooden chair for the duration of the stunt, told reporters that he hoped to overcome the repetitive gameplay, nonsensical plot and thrill-less quick time events through deep meditation. My biggest fear is that the game will simply send me **** insane, he said. Whether its the endless shootouts with gun-toting grunts, the tedious dialogue or the infuriatingly cheap deaths, the biggest challenge will be holding onto my sanity. This must be one of the craziest things that I ever dreamed up.

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He should play Racoon City. It would definitely drive him insane. And RE6 is quite normal compared to this.