The only thing scary about Resident Evil 5 is how bad it is.

User Rating: 3 | Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) PS3

The Good:

  • Great Visuals
  • On rails sections are fun (even though they don't belong in the series)
  • Some impressive Quick Time Events

The Bad:

  • Slow and sluggish controls are annoying and add no tension
  • It's not scary
  • It's set during the day
  • Absolutely awful Inventory system
  • It's not scary
  • Sheva has the IQ of a dog with brain damage
  • Uninteresting plot
  • It's not scary
  • Playing as Sheva gives exactly the same game unlike Resident Evil 4
  • Average to bad voice acting
  • It's not scary
  • This garbage destroyed the survival horror genre

Let's get straight to the point, if you want a new survival horror game, don't bother with this pile of garbage known as Resident Evil 5, instead you are better off going into your garage or basement and attempting to build a time machine and go back to previous generations of gaming because Resident Evil 5 has destroyed the survival horror genre.

The plot of Resident Evil 5 is nothing interesting, it just shows that Umbrella is going under and that Chris Redfield's old partner, Jill Valentine might still be alive, meanwhile Chris bundles up with a new partner called Sheva.

Resident Evil 5 was the same controls are the previous better game, Resident Evil 4, except this time, the controls suck, why?, because unlike previous games where the 'stop and aim' mechanics added tension, the 'stop and aim' mechanics of Resident Evil 5 add no tension due to the lack of horror. Speaking of lack of horror, the only scary thing about Resident Evil 5 is how bad it is, the game is set during the day in large brightly lit environments where you can see all of the not so scary monsters, so that means that nothing is going to surprise you around the corner. The entire game can be played in co-op, either in split-screen or online, and this is much better than playing online due to Sheva's brain-dead AI, in single player, Sheva will wonder off and get lost, and she will always use a handgun even when she has a shotgun or even an RPG, and when she runs out of handgun ammo, she will run around and get some more instead of using the larger and more effective weapons. The AI problems don't stop there, if Chris looses a tiny bit of health, Sheva will try to heal him with the largest Green Herb she can find. It is possible to trade items with your partner so welcome the terrible Inventory system, you have 9 slots where you can store 9 items regardless of size, this means that an RPG takes up the same amount of room as a few handgun bullets, and to make things worse, body armor takes up one of those 9 slots unlike the better Resident Evil 4. The only good things about the gameplay in Resident Evil 5 are the on rails shooter sections (which don't even belong in the game) and some impressive Quick Time Events and a game's standout should not be a Quick Time Event.

Capcom did one thing right with Resident Evil 5, it's the graphics, environments look great and contain excellent lighting effects, but great graphics don't make a great game and this is painfully obvious in Resident Evil 5.

Voice acting ranges from average to just plain bad, it's decent for Chris but Sheva's accent changes about halfway through the game.

Resident Evil 5 satisfies visually, but unless you are the shallowest of casual gamers, you will know that the main role of a game is not to look good. Resident Evil 5 gets a bad 3/10.