If you saved your money for a good game,this is it,CAPCOM just NAILED it this time,an apsolute MUST-HAVE

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) PS3
OMG this game is sooo awesome,RE first time on ps3 takes the combat and gameplay from RE4 but Improved A LOT since that (altho you gotta check my re4 review i love it).The story is fair BUT the game makes it up by its blasting gameplay.The most awesome thng about this is that you get a partner to share your ammo with,items and stuff,and also it reduces the "scare-o-meter" xD becouse you know that someone has your back.The enemies are scary in looks but even more with their attack,becouse I sometimes freak out when the dudes run toward me like crazy.Also an awesome thing is that you get to change your weapons without having to opent up your invetory like in other RE games.The sound effects are SUPERB,I dont even have to talk about the graphics.Just look at the first resident evil and now look at re5, a major difference.Like other RE games its not based on the scary part so much as for example "silent hill",but more on the gameplay which is ...good and bad ..depends on your taste

Overall-like i said awesome