A decent game that did not differentiate is now a joyless, no options, Free 2 Play tedium.

First let me indicate the game was much better at release.

After a disappointing DCUO release and game, I was looking forward to going back to Champions Online which I had left.

However when returning to Champions Online I was disappointed, the f2p model they used destroys the fun and playability of the game.

You can only get a cookie cutter character with no ability to make yourself different or unique from any other f2p. It makes sense since one of the only good features of CO was to select your powers and make your character.

It would not be an issue I think, if you could purchase the ability to customize or integrate certain powers, but this option to a "freeform" is monthly subscription.

There are ways to maintain the fun and playability while integrating a p2p model. But sadly, with no access to customize skills or abilities who cares what your character looks like since they suck and are a very very boring and very typical archetype.

We don't want a whole game for free but you can not remove the crux of the game, the character.

Archetypes killed the game.