An outstanding survival game. Great enemies and locations make it one of the best games ever. Real Score: 9.3

User Rating: 9.5 | BioHazard 4: Wii Edition WII
Resident Evil 4 is a very special game that allows you to fear for your life. It is definitely an amazing survival game and the best I've played. You play the game as Leon S. Kennedy, a cop searching for the Presidents daughter, Ashley. Ashley had been kidnapped and taken to Raccoon City. You play the game in this mysterious Raccoon City in search for Ashley. Eventually you run into zombies. The Zombies are not very hard to get by, a couple good shots in the head and there down. After various encounters with the zombies you find Ashley. This is where the game gets interesting.

Once you find Ashley the game really takes of as you are not only trying to save yourself but another person which gives the game a nice challenge. The game picks up the pace and puts you against bigger and harder enemies. This is probably the best part in the game, the enemies. They are so well designed and very hard to defeat and they pretty much come in waves one after another.

There is also a great selection of weapons to choose from. It is a very nice idea how you buy and store your weapons. You buy your weapons from a creepy man named The Merchant. He appears randomly throughout the game. Once you buy weapons and collect items you store them in your suitcase (which you can buy 3 bigger sizes as the game progresses). You can sort all the weapons/items in your suitcase which is a nice function to have. So all in all this suitcase and merchant really work and give the game a real creepy survival touch.

The controls work very well in this game, the Wii version especially. Point the remote at the screen and press 'A' to shoot. Shake the remote to reload and shake the nunchuk to use your knife. All of the Wii controls work very, very well.

So I recommend this game to anyone up for a challenge, up for a great adventure and up for a bloody good time. This game is very bloody and full of gore; it deserves its M rating. I have to say that the blood and gore is one of the best parts of the games. It will bother the little ones but it's great for the older ones. If you're looking for a classic, adventure horror, survival game then please get Resident Evil 4.