My first rewiew ever made of one of the best games of playstation 2 wich you will enjoy wery much as I did i am sure.

User Rating: 10 | Resident Evil 4 PS2
Originaly for the Gamecube Resident Evil 4 was seen originaly as another kind of game: Leon was on the umbrella labs and he had to destroy the new virus.
But, they decided that that wasnt the kind of game they were looking for so they changed it all the story, for example but their greatest change was the gameplay . This new Resident Evil is revolutionary in al the senses of the word and also the graphics are very good and now it is for the ps2.
The graphic difference is very small and you can see that they worked to make this conversion very good and they made it.
At the begining you will have only the automatic pistol but you will see that there are many glorious weapons that will serve you better (like the shotgun).The enemy isnt a zombie thing they aren`t dead they are alive and that is the trouble because they are very inteligent so when they have sigthed you running in to another room wont serve as it did on the previous games because they will start to follow you and they can break the doors and of course the first enemies ("Ganado" in the game) aren`t the only thing that is inteligent there are others, of course the thing is that you will have to watch yourself an for Ashley, the president`s daugther (a character that you actualy can play with, and sometimes you will need it to solve puzzles and advance in the game) if she dies you lose so watch after her!. The ps2 version has extras that the Gamecube version didn`t had like the P.R.L 42 (Plagas Removal Laser) and a little thing called Separate Ways that is an extra mini-game that you unlock after beating the game. There you play with Ada Wong another character from Resident Evil 2. The boss figths (in normal mode) are realy hard but they are also amazing!
that's why I give a ten to Resident Evil 4 so do yourself a favor buy this game

i am Fausto