With a monster menacing you all the time will have to be on your toes all the time in this action packed RE title

User Rating: 9 | BioHazard 3: Last Escape (CapKore) PS
Resident Evil 3 is perhaps the most terrifying game of the earlier games and it is all because of the main antagonist.


It takes place apparently about 2 days before RE2 but finishes a few days after Leon and Claire escape. Jill one of the members from the mansion incident is hoping to escape Raccoon City and hopefully wipe it out stopping the Umberella threat.


For the first time you only get to play as one character from the get go Jill Valentine and the game has alot of zombies in it as well as other nasty creatures. The basic goal is to survive the nightmare again. You save your game through using the typewriter and finding Ink Ribbons. Puzzles return and they are quiet challenging as well.

As with most games you will get your standard Handgun,Shotgun,Grenade Launcher and Machine Gun. There are some Gunpowder like items that can be mixed to make certain ammo for a certain weapon.

One of the big features is when you first confront Nemesis the huge creature created by Umbrella to get rid of you. You get 2 choices of how you act in certain sections but even if you escape him he will catch up with you later and don't think once he's on the floor he's not gonna get back up because he is a very persistant enemy. Also always be alert because you will never be safe from this beast. It adds tension and shows what Resident Evil games are all about.


The cut scenes do seem to be better in this game than its predesscor and also been set on the street brings out its character.


About under 6 hours but there's a couple of extras to check out like weapons unlocked and a mercenaries type mode.

Overall Opinion

An excellent follow up from its predesscor with one of the most feared enemies in the series and also it has more action and that it just adds a few little bit more with the decision making whilst it doesn't really affect the game it makes you think about what the best situation is. One of the finest Resident Evil games in the series.

Overall Score 9