Hunk, Tofu.

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I know, it's the 1 million Gil question, but can someone please explain me exactly what I have to do to unlock Hunk and Tofu? I'm super confused. I've read that you need to clear the game 12 times playing as Leon and Claire back to back and get an A ranking at least once, or all the times, in both characters' B scenarios, or just one of them? Also when we say "back to back" Claire and Leon, how is it practically done? I start with Leon A and then Claire A, then Leon B and Claire B. And then I continue with the new save file that the game created after I beat Claire B the new file Leon A, and then the new Claire A file etc until I reach 12 playthroughs. Is it right? Also do I use the last new save file that the game created, or do I just pick randomly any "00 save file" I see in the load menu?

Also now that I'm typing all these questions, is it really worth it? It's ridiculous. 12 times?!?