Remember Me Cheats for v1.0 - Infinite Sensen Fury, Keys, PMP... +8 Trainer

#1 Posted by ponylorn (1 posts) - Numpad 1 Infinite Health Numpad 2 Infinite Sensen Fury Numpad 3 Infinite Keys Numpad 4 Infinite Ammo Numpad 5 Infinite PMP Numpad 0 One Hit Kills Numpad . Save Location Numpad + Teleport Numpad - Undo Teleportation F1 2X PMP F2 4X PMP F3 8X PMP F4 16X PMP HOME Disable All P.S. 1. Disable Infinite Ammo the effect will be disappeared after you shoot a few times. 2. Teleport sometimes works for enemies.