Who took the jam outa your donut? You did Tommy, you did.

For those who haven't played the original GW's Prophecies please read my review on that game.

GW's Factions is a stand alone "expansion" to the origanal GW's. This game can be linked to your orginal game or played seperate. When linked you get an additional 2 character slots. When not linked you recieve 4 character slots but can't cross between the two games.

Factions takes place in Cantha. Which is just a click of a mouse away from Tyria on your game map. It has its own story line and adds new skills, area's, armor, and items to both new and exsisting professions.

Its called factions for a reason. In the world of Cantha the people have divided into two sides. The Luxons and Kurzicks. So you and your guild will side with an alliance of one of the two. The pvp revolves around you fighting the other faction. As you progress along you can get faction points for your side and take control over towns.

They have added titles for characters. This will appear under your name. A title can be alot of things from Canthan explorer to town drunk. Once you do something that has a title it will appear in your stats and tell you how much the certain thing you need to do or enquire to recieve that title.

The missions are alot harder. I find myself playing each mission multipull times to beat it. AI for henchman seems better but at other times they cause your group to wipe.

I would say the learning curve for this game is longer. They throw you right into the game and make you lvl 20 in a matter of days. Which is great for getting you right into the action. But also makes alot of noobs lvl 20. So you may be grouping with ppl that have only been playing the game for a few days and not really know what they are doing yet.

The GRAPHICS have been improved and the characters still look great!
SOUND is the same except the music has changed.
INTERFACE is the same.

I feel they did a great job with this game! It is worth buying!