red steel 2 and wii motion plus are amazing. Finally I feel like i'm almost in the game. great workout!

User Rating: 7.5 | Red Steel 2 WII
Awesome, I'm glad we made it to this point as a gaming community. Thanks for the air combos, thank you! Love it! Please add the head tracking already we all know it works and please mix it in with 3d! please with a cheery on top. Oh and the quest button c very frustrating location, too close to lock on button z. add button config. Amazing job though seriously. Last but not least find a way to make the sword and camera separate entities, I guess that will be fixed with head tracking. Can't wait for head tracking and all the other great games coming soon. Nintendo has totally redeemed themselves for making the N64 which to me was a total waste of money, you are completely forgiven, if it matters to you guys at all. I can already imagine all the remakes.. Bionic commando, castlevania, megaman, final fantasy with microphone for spell casting "hehe". Keep our imaginations oozing guys!