alot better then the first red steel find out why below

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Steel 2 WII
well ill start off with the art style used ,, it is different then most shooters today ,,
and it is fresh , it is on par with most first party games , , for the most part which is somthing to be glad about

the gameplay is similar to no more heroes but it mixes that in with red steel environments

there is well from what ive played so far enough content to actually make you tired after play, there arent alot of enemies on screen but when theres like 5 -7 believe me you will be emersed and wanting more

theres a bit of training in between missions , that will annoy you but they serve their purpose as to what your gonna have to do in the next one ,

the music well there isnt much to say about music other then it fits the game when enemies are around it goes fast , when theres none theres no music

the sounds of swords and bullets are just as good as the original if not better

overall the game is a much improved version of red steel what 1 should have been
theres only a few problems i had with this game

so far ,
the break down
the good-
emerse gameplay battles/fights
training missions are a breeze
enemies are more optimised to give you a challenge, but not to much
great art style/graphics
good gps to help you along the way
the bad
well there is no multiplayer online or off ,, thats one of the things i wished theyd never took out but still good game overall ,
not much different in music then the original ,

some times the remote can go in circles ,, but not many times as in the first,
much improved controls thanks to ubisoft not well you know
and the motion plus is really helping , this game

overall compared to the likes of metroid prime and medal of honor heroes -of the fpses ive played so far , this has to be the best one available ,
for the said console ,

the only major problem with this game really lies in which the part wear some times you go in circle it could be because im close to the sensor or what not , im not sure but this isj ust somthing to throw in ,

but yes a solid game in deed much better then red steel 1 ,
it would be almost perfect if multiplayer was intact , right now if i used the old rating system i would give the game a 9,6 but this new rating makes me go to 9,5 ,

i suggest those who dont have red steel 2 , , and a wii motion plus go ahead and grab the 59.99 $ bundle that includes the motion plus or if you just need a extra one ,
if you dont want to get a motionplus version cause you already have enough ,
then just grab the standard version either way you wont go wrong ,

it works like it was intended to , , minor problems here and there but -like i said overall a pretty decent sequal to an ok launch title ,.