RF must be one of the top-grade gems of 2001 and maybe one of the top FPS games overall

User Rating: 8.5 | Red Faction PC
Original Red Faction must be one of the top-grade gems of 2001 and maybe one of the top FPS games overall. Sure, playing it some 8 years after its release is not something that will make you go ... "wow, great graphics". But the game will run fast on the much faster hardware and offer you a neat insight on how much more detail work was done compared to almost minimal work done in most of today's games.

Anyways, I won't waste your time in describing goodies in this game since all of them are already contained in other user reviews. The game is very good and it's worth playing.

The most likely issue you'll encounter on the present-day hardware are graphic distortions, especially on Nvidia. Otherwise, with a few fixes, the game runs on XP and Vista. Here are a few tips:

1. As soon as you install the game (patch it with official patches too), go to:
and download their (third-party) fix that will solve many of the problems you may encounter on the newer hardware and OS.

2. define your own screen rez (it will support widescreens) by modifying a few entries in the Windows registry (run command: regedit):
(a) first go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Volition -> Red Faction

(b) on the right side find:
"Resolution Height" and
"Resolution Width"
and change them to your screen rez. Note: use the decimal base to see the actual value in pixels.

Now you are ready to play. Overall, this is a classic, old school FPS (could be switched to TPS in console view) that is well done and a full-length game. Sure, there are some things that are half-baked (stealth parts, for example), but the game is still exiting and full of action. Overall score: 8.3/10.