1st Impressions: Red Faction is a solid shooter with great weaponry, destructable environments and it's just fun to play

User Rating: 8.6 | Red Faction PS2
For those who don't know, Red Faction was the first game to use destructable environments effectively. With that said, this is a great game even in an age where destructable environments are demanded in any shooter. The story begins in a outer space mining facility. Miners are forced to work day in and day out with aweful benefits. When one mine full of men desides that enough is enough, they make a run for it, and you're tagging along. The guns and environments in Red Faction were amazing at the time that this came out, but are still good today. There's also an offline multiplayer mode for all to enjoy, but I haven't tried that yet.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a solid first person shooter with great weapons and enemies smart enough to give you a challenge. Many things are destructable, and you need to use that to your advantage.

Graphics: The visuals look dated compared to today's technology, but they do look better than some lesser games out there.

Sound: The sound effects are very good, but there are some technical glitches that make it sound a little dated as well.

Value: I got this game for $5, and it was worth every cent.

Final Thoughts: Red Faction is a solid FPS that all hardcore FPS gamers will enjoy. It's also a good prelude to Red Faction 2.