Perhaps one of the best First Person Shooters ever.

User Rating: 9.6 | Red Faction PS2
This is a Great First Person Shooter. It has everything you Halo fans liked but more. unlike Halo in this game you can completely destroy your environment. I mean destroy everything Walls, people, objects, you name it, it can probably be destroyed.

That was the only reason I gave the gameplay a 9 instead of a ten though because a person can get stuck making a tunnel with the rocket launcher. But thats not even bad because Sometimes I just used the rocket launcher to mine my way up. The A.I. for the time was good they included some fun stuff like when you stick a bomb on the bad guy they run around screaming until yo detonate it. The enemy's also blow up into little tinny pieces to satisfy your violent urges.

The Games Graphics are also well done for the time period. Some of the best back then in fact. They had multiple enemy's that looked different. Huge areas to run around it. The loading between areas is fast. The Weapons explosions look great!

The Sound was well done and set the mood. the music was done well enough that it provided substance without distracting the player from the game. It also motivated you to complete the game.

I would say the Value of this game is high. I also encourage every PS2 owner the rent or even buy this game before the PS3 comes out and like a lot of games we forget this one. This was a great game and did not get the fan base it deserved, Because I know it is just as good as Halo maybe even more on some levels. Great Value in the game even now.

I liked this game a lot and Recommend it to every First Person Shooter player out there. This is one of the games that started it all. The enemys are a joy to kill, and also it can be entertaining to destroy the environment that the creates worked to hard on. Play it before it get impossible to find in stores.