Red Faction 2 is sure to please all FPS fans.

User Rating: 9.3 | Red Faction II PS2
Red Faction 2 has really improved over the first Red Faction. I think it has improved in all areas of the game.

The gameplay was a bit better then the first one. With the improved and interesting storyline, i think it has what it takes to be a good game. I really dont know the reason why, but i personally liked this better then the Halo series. This just seemed to be more fun, especially in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer in this is just simply fantastic. This is what drives FPS games. It always the multiplayer that keeps you playing FPS games. otherwise FPS games would suck without this element in the game.

Graphics wise i definitley think RF2 has improved. I decided to play the first one, and i really saw a difference in the graphics. If you compare the 2, the obvious choice is RF2. With the improved graphics, this gives a niced feel and flow to the game.

There was also voice acting in this game. I think it was done fairly well. The background music also supports the game. I think that most of the music suits to the game,

Overall i think that this game is definitley underrated and should be given more credit. I recommend that you pick this game up...if not rent it first and then check if this game is worth buying.