A great multiplayer FPS, but lacks a lengthy campaign mode.

User Rating: 8.9 | Red Faction II PS2
A sequel to Red Faction, Red Faction II is a great FPS. Even though the campaign mode is short it is very fun to play. You are in a group of freedom fighters called the Red Faction trying to kill Sopot. The campaign is full of action but once you finish leaves you wishing for more.

Where this game really shines is it's multiplayer feature. Up to four players can get in on the action via multitap. There are 14 weapons and each weapon also has a secondary function. A vast variety of weapons including handguns, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles allows you to experience a different style of gameplay each time you play. The multiplayer modes available are capture the flag, deathmatch, bagman, arena, among others. Each mode also allows customization (number of flags needed to be captured, time limits, kills necessary to win deathmatch, etc). There are forty maps available for play which also adds to this game's value. Simply put Red Faction II is a great multiplayer FPS, but if you're looking for a lengthy campaign mode you might want to reconsider buying this game.