Destruction has never been more fun.

User Rating: 8 | Red Faction: Guerrilla PS3
Red faction is one of those games that really let you break anything you want. Any wall, car, or building can be destroyed with enough explosives and grit force. The way Red Faction sets this up is awesome and destroying things is easy. The game play is solid besides that but can get repetitive. The graphics are pretty lame but this really does not take away from the experience. Also, the online is not very good in my opinion. Red Faction also lets you take cars and drive anything you want. This is awesome and the cars handle very well. The cars look really cool and space like which makes them more fun to drive. A last problem is that when clearing out EDF control of an area it can get very boring and sometimes hard (You will know if you have played the game before). Overall, Red Faction is a solid third person shooter that makes destruction so much fun.

Biggest Pros:
-Destruction is fun and easy.
-Huge open world to explore.
-Fun weapons.
-Good driving mechanics.
Biggest Cons:
-Game play can get repetitive.
-Clearing EDF out of an area can get hard and boring.
-No checkpoints in individual missions.
-Bad graphics.
-Not very fun online.