User Rating: 7 | Red Dead Revolver PS2
Red Dead Revolver was a titled that was revived by Rockstar after Capcom decided to can it. And after just completing the game, i can almost see why Capcom decided to make the decision they did. To start off, Red Dead Revolver is not a bad game, it just isn't particularly a good game. In terms of representing the Wild West w/ characters, dialogue and environment, the game nails a perfect 10. Yet in terms of making gamers feel like they're part of the Wild West in terms of gameplay, controls and story....the game nails a not-so perfect 4. To start off, the game begins pretty interestingly w/an prequel like story that shows Red as a teenager first learning how to shoot his gun until a group of hoodlums come and murder his dad. So from here, the story embeds into the minds of gamers that the theme will revolve around Red's revenge....well..WRong. What was extremely disappointing about this game was that there was no real clear story throughout the game. Instead, it seemed as if Rockstar bought and probed Capcom for all possible "ideas" that were going to go into the completed project and just grabbed anything that sounded interesting and knit it allllll together into one story. So one moment ur living out Red's revenge, the next ur a random Indian randomly introduced into the story..or a rebellious Mexican commander leading an assualt on an AMerican Fort. Though the levels are fun, sometimes it just seems to have no clear ties to the main story. Is it even worth introducing characters into the game when they have literally only 1 mission each out of a total of 27? ASide from that graphics( I played and beat the PS2 version within a weekends rental) weren't all that clear. I don't know if it was the ruggidly, old feeling that Rockstar wanted to create or not..but the graphics had a really grainly, choppy look to it. It seemed as if the engine was almost the same of that of Vice City..and although Vice City was an extremely well-made game...its focus was more on free-roaming and thus graphical details & shooting-control took a hit. In Red DEad REvolver gameply is DEFINETLY not focused on Free-Roaming, so there is no excuse for both the grainy graphic & odd controls. But all in all, the game has alot of heart and it is clearly seen. Rockstar brough Red DEad Revolver back from the grave after Capcom canned it, and although they tried hard to make something of this the end..gamers will undoubtly see why Capcom decided to quit on this game.