User Rating: 6.8 | Red Dead Revolver PS2
Red Dead Revolver : A huge letdown for me. We'll get to the reason why just hold on... keep holding... almost there... red Wait. ok there you made it. Think you could handle that every 2-10 minutes for a total of 70 something times? No. Good, I like you. Gameplay : Too much "cover" duck behind something shoot something, stand out in the open, get blown to bits. Duel is awesome, not used enough. Imgaine the controls for Tiger woods golf. Think of how you can use that in a gunfight. Yep, its cool. Graphics : Nothing exciting. umm good. and not bad. NEXT. Sound : See above (this game just has Good and Not Bad writen all over it, please check page 79 of your manual to confirm.) Vaule : You love westers and will die with out it. See that has vaule. Ha. No seriously, decent game, first of its kind, I hope to see more like it and vast improvment apoun the game. Tilt : I dont have any idea, its just my tilt.