Better then GTA4, but overrated... I couldn't wait to be done with this game. Predictable storyline and ending.

User Rating: 6.5 | Red Dead Redemption X360
Better then GTA4, but overrated... feels like I'm missing something because I couldn't wait to be done with this game. I was bored from mission to mission, the long boring chatter you have to suffer through on your trip to each mission becomes a really painful thing to bare.

Graphics i'm gonna say were good in some areas of the game, but overall needed more antialiasing badly, and needed a better frame rate. Although they were much much better then GTA4 which looked like mud. It's a big shame this game wasn't released on the PC, it would have looked very good probably.

Gameplay is strange, the developers know that it sucks aiming in these games with gamepads, so they added an auto target which is ok cause it makes the game easy... but also removes any feeling of skill when playing the game. All I was doing was hitting the trigger button, then shooting, over and over and not having to aim a once. And I hated with a passion having to constantly click the hell out of the button to keep my horse running, mashing buttons for 15-20 hrs isnt my idea of fun.

I have to agree also, the ending is the worst I've seen in a game that tries to give you a storyline. If this game was just a shooter with no story then fine, go with a crap ending.

Not sure why people like this game so much, I played through it, didn't enjoy much of it, and come here reading reviews in wonder of what everyone else saw in this game... I saw very little of anything good and had no enjoyment here.