While it is hampered by awkward controls, RDR delivers fun Western action.

User Rating: 9 | Red Dead Redemption X360
I wasn't interested in this game until I discovered that one of my friends was really looking forward to it and I agreed to go to a midnight launch with him. He preordered me a copy, and I must say that I am, in general, impressed.

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics are smooth and detailed. The game's developers created an immersive Western environment complete with little details like wild animals, saloon girls, and tumbleweeds. The sunlight effects are also cool.

Sound: 10/10 The sound design is great, with cool dialogue, sound effects, and music.

Control: 7/10 This is unfortunately the only area where the game falls a bit short. The controls are rather awkward, particularly for running on foot and galloping with a horse. The cover system works well, except for the fact that the game needs to give you a method for dashing from cover to cover (a la Splinter Cell: Conviction).

Content: 10/10 RDR offers a massive Western world that invites you to come in and have fun. The game has various kinds of missions you can undertake, along with an economy in which you can purchase things.

Overall, RDR is definitely worth the money. I look forward to playing it extensively.