Amazing..simply amazing!

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Dead Redemption X360
I am blown away by this game and I've only gotten started! I was never a huge GTA fan, although I like the whole open world of the game. Now I never played the original, Red Dead Revolver on PS2 or XBOX, so I really didn't know much about the whole Red Dead premise. I watched the trailer on Gamepot unaware of what increadable awesomeness I was in store for. My wife even thought it looked cool and she's not a very big fan of games..LOL!

I pre ordered this and was only able to play for a short time, that was all I needed to get hooked. Automatically the cut scenes suck you in to the story line and you start to get an understanding of the old west coming to an end. The thought of having to face the gang that you once rode with is pretty sweet and you know you are going to be in store for some increadible adventure. Without giving any spoiler info away, I will just say that so far I would give this game a 9.5 and knowing what all I can do with this game is major exiting to me expecially the money that we fork out for these games. This game is definatley worth the money and a major bonus is the online play (where I heard, do not know for a fact yet) that you can have around 8 people in a posse and go around and attack other posse's and all the shenanigans you can get in just makes this a must have for 2010.

Thanks Rockstar, I guess I'll take a break from Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a little while...LOL!