Rockstar has done it again

User Rating: 10 | Red Dead Redemption X360
When it comes to the open world sandbox game play no one does it better then rockstar. Red Dead is not just a clone of GTA, it has its similarities but in my opinion it is much better. The amount of stuff that can be done is amazing and i can see i will be playing these game for a long time. With a multiplayer that is bad ass it will make put down battlefield and MW2 for a bit to play RDR instead. I have it on my ps3 instead of my xbox just for the fact i figure the ps3 would look better then the xbox version and online play is free also which adds to me playing on ps3 instead. If you don't own it get it.

The game is stunning for such a large world. I would say its some of rockstars best work.

Badass i will simply say ex ( walking through a town you see a women getting attacked you can A. help her B. shot the guy attacking her C. kill them both lol)

Replay Value