the greatest open world and a unique game in the north west there is nothing left what a gamer wants to play

User Rating: 10 | Red Dead Redemption X360
the game is this centuries best game till now when i first heard about i thought it was only OK but when i played the game it was amazing i couldn't believe such a great game which was based in north west was made .it has a great story line , terrific voice acting and beautiful scenery .the game involves the gamer completely in the game and is a package of fun a true gamer should play red dead redemption don't go on the beginning because the cattle missions are a bit boring but as u proceed it is a beautiful version of gta with better mission and there are more fun things to do .u can steal horses help people lasso people and hogtie them we can even play poker arm wrestling and many other things that we want in gaming .the part i hate is guiding the herd cause it requires a lot of patience especially horses. red dead redemption is the best open world games ever